Registration Extended to June 23, 2017
Labor Day Weekend 2017
Thursday August 31st - Monday September 4th
5 days / 4 nights
Packages starting from $1,640.00 with ocean front rooms
*Airfare not included


With much anticipation and with love in my heart I am thrilled to announce I will be hosting a destination retreat that will be focused on honoring you! Your overall health and happiness.

For years I have dreamed of gathering a group of individuals that like myself are dedicated to freeing themselves from the regular daily grind and are driven to becoming the best versions of themselves through health and fitness.

Together we will learn, grow, sweat and create a memorable experience we will appreciate far beyond the length of our time together.

The objective is, when it’s time for you to board your flight home you have learned new skills and grasped new thought that will reinvigorate your own personal goals and put you on track towards becoming the best version of yourself!

If this experience speaks to your heart I certainly hope you join me! Love,


The Freedom Retreat aspires to provide all guests with a unique educational experience, designed for personal transformation of the mind and body. You’ll learn to free yourself from burdening ideologies and grow into a conscious state of thinking and moving. It will also be an interpersonal experience, where group dialogue and contribution will be praised and encouraged. Lita reinforces the power of vulnerability and the magic it sparks when exercised in trusted, supported groups of people. You will learn from one another, together.

It is Lita’s belief that optimum health is achieved when we are mentally; emotionally, spiritually and physically aligned therefore this experience is dedicated to; fun and challenging workout sessions, daily meditation practices and yoga sessions, intimate group conversations and learning activities. You’ll dine with your fellow peers, interact with one another, share experiences and spend quality time with your host. As a group you will also venture off the resort and visit the preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan city and swimming at Cenote, Ik Kil.


Lita Lewis is a certified trainer, health and fitness advocate and life coach who has traveled the world motivating people to pursue their dreams and reach their goals. She works tirelessly to break traditional molds of the “Americanized” fitness image and teaches her fan base to become the best version of themselves while building strong minds, finding inner balance and pursuing personal growth.


Growning intoo “the best version of youself” is Lewis’s daily affirmation and the mission behind her brand. In addition to personal training, Lewis has her own line of online training programs and apparel line dedicated to empowering both men and women.


You can catch Lita at speaking engagements, national fitness expo’s and in philantropy work, she is especially passionate about mentoring young women as a motivational speaker. Lita spends her Summers touring her signature Body Blast Bootcamp workouts all over the world.